A Study Into the Most Prominent Interior Design Trends, State by State

A Study Into the Most Prominent Interior Design Trends, State by State
Caleb Williams 18/09/2019

Living spaces are given their character by our unique perspective on design. Across every spectrum of interior design, beauty can be shown in its truest form. The culmination of our human experience, displayed in the places we choose to reside. To show how varying regions and varying populaces choose their interiors, popular furniture company Joybird commissioned this study. It’s packed with fascinating insights.

Victorian Interior Design

1. Victorian Design

A favorite among Connecticut, Delaware, Indiana, Maine, Missouri, Nebraska, and Nevada.



2. Bohemian Design

A favorite among Alabama, Alaska, Georgia, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Dakota, and West Virginia.



3. Contemporary Design

A favorite among Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, Texas, and Virginia.



4. Industrial Design

A favorite among Colorado, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, Oregon, and Wisconsin.



5. Shabby Chic Design

A favorite among Arkansas, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee.



6. Traditional Design

A favorite among Arizona, Kentucky, and Kentucky.



7. Mid-Century Modern Design

A favorite among Minnesota and Washington.



8. Art Deco Design

A favorite with New Mexico.



9. Transitional Design

A favorite among California, Hawaii, Massachusetts.



10. Western Design

A favorite among South Dakota and Wyoming.



11. Coastal Design

A favorite with South Carolina.



12. Modern Farmhouse Design

A favorite with Utah.



13. Vintage Design

A favorite with Utah.


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