At home in South Chandler with The Fields Family

Cody and Carson Fields had a “love at first sight” moment when they saw what would become their home in South Chandler. They fell in love with not only the property itself, but the surrounding parks and the overall sense of calm defining this community.

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The Fields Family loves their daughter above all else.

Ample space for adults and children to relax and play.

Cody and Carson Fields enjoy the simple things in life.

They love their daughter, they love their home, and, generally, they love the quiet. These factors combined have made South Chandler the perfect place for them to call home. We asked Carson, “What’s one thing you’d change about the community?”. A moment’s deep thought later brought about the reply, “I don’t think we’d change a thing. That’s why we chose to live here. We love the house, we love the location!” The Fields family isn’t alone in this way of thinking.

On the weekends, they enjoy getting breakfast at Yoli’s – “The best breakfast you’ll ever have,” we were told – and they enjoy shopping at all the new quaint shops in neighboring downtown Gilbert. Still, they’ll tell you the most important amenity to them, and the one they utilize most often is the nearby park, where they go with their daughter.

Take a short tour of South Chandler. It might surprise you to learn that this city on the edge of a Valley has a lot more to offer than most realize. Or, better said by a resident: “It looks like it might be off the beaten path, but it always impresses us just how much is out here now. We’re never bored!”

The South Chandler Real Estate Market

Due to large investments in commerce, South Chandler has seen values explode in recent years. Current trends show no sign of this stopping.

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1 Bedroom

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    $289K - $330K
  • Home Size (Sq.Ft.)
    1,011 - 1,547
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    $269K - $489K
  • Home Size (Sq.Ft.)
    1,017 - 1,700
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3 Bedroom

  • Price Range
    $307K - $699K
  • Home Size (Sq.Ft.)
    1,272 - 3,266
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4 Bedroom

  • Price Range
    $356K - $4M
  • Home Size (Sq.Ft.)
    1,800 - 8,873
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The Lifestyle

Quiet streets, perfect for a run or walk with the dog.

Parks can be found off nearly every street in South Chandler.

All the day-to-day shopping amenities you could ever need.

Yoli's is a favorite among the locals.

“It’s a little more slow-paced. Convenient, but not necessarily established.”

“Upscale” and “laid back” are the two most common ways you’ll hear these neighborhoods described. South Chandler is a large geographical area that includes all neighborhoods and communities south of the SanTan 202 freeway in Chandler. It’s well known valley-wide for its large, master-planned communities with upscale residential homes and lush landscaping. The area is commonly host to upper-income, highly community-oriented couples and families. Residents enjoy a large number of parks, community centers, lakes, pocket shopping centers, world-class golf courses, and even a Railway Museum. Quiet communities, safe neighborhoods, big-box and boutique retail establishments, well known and niche restaurants, and large single-family homes scatter the community and paint the picture of an upper-class suburban stereotype.

In short, the lifestyle here is one of privacy. Of strong work ethic and of love for family. A mecca for the family who finds pleasure in the simple things. Among them: nights in.

The Schools

St. Mary-Basha Catholic School students gather around.

First day of school for Andersen Elementary School!

Basha High School is well-known for it's sports programs.

“She’s only in preschool, but the public school system here is amazing!”

The Chandler Unified School District prides itself on its freedom of choice and custom-tailored education programs. Options for parents and students include gifted-child programs, core-knowledge programs, single-gender classrooms, and more traditional academy approaches. Chandler Unified School District outperforms peers, as AzMERIT results show. Chandler students scored better than the state average in every grade level and subject area for the third straight year in 2017. Further, they outperform charter school grade averages in math and language arts.

And there are excellent alternative options as well. Families are empowered to choose their children’s learning path, whatever it may be, in this city. Cody expressed to us their struggle to choose a school for their daughter. While they chose Premiere Learning Academy, they had nothing but praise for the public elementary school down the road as well. There is a lot of pride in the educational facilities in this city.

The Work

The list of companies opening high-tech facilities in Chandler is exploding.

South Chandler has become the home of high-tech in Arizona.

Chandler is home to some of the highest growth corridors in the entire state of Arizona – and, frankly, the entire Southwest. Over the past decade, a vast array of tech companies have established major operational hubs here. Quite literally out of nowhere, a tech-centric utopia not unlike Silicon Valley has metered within this city’s boundaries. Large-scale facilities for Intel, Orbital, Microchip, Infusionsoft, and Avnet have brought a new wave of high-growth, high-paying careers to the southeast Valley. In early 2017, it was announced that Intel is investing seven billion additional dollars into their Chandler facilities and creating 3,000 high-paying jobs in the process. As such, a growing majority of South Chandler residents are employed in management, professional, and executive positions within high-tech fields. All told, South Chandler supports a job force in which has been nationally recognized for it’s exploding growth.

The Play

Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino is a favorite among locals.

Veterans Oasis Park is a relaxing and serene amenity.

Living Room Wine is common for relaxing evenings.

The award winning San Marcos Golf Course.

“Just down the road in Gilbert is every resource you could ever need. It’s really built up a lot lately!”

Residents of South Chandler don’t care much for the standard definition of play-time. You don’t move here because you’re looking for a fast-paced nightlife or the most luxurious and modern of shopping destinations. No, you move to South Chandler for two different reasons: You’re a high-tech workhorse, or, you wanted a safe and family-friendly community. As such, the amenities are heavily catered to these two groups of homeowners. Most residents take advantage of the services provided by the communities in which they live. As Carson told us, “We work a lot — weekends included — but when we do find the time to enjoy each other’s company, our favorite spot to take our daughter is the park down the street”. This was reflected in almost every family we spoke to in this community. Family time meant relaxation, parks, and good food. Additionally, the local HOAs take great pride in planning a large number of events for their residents.

All of that said, there are options for when you’re looking for a night away from the kids. The Living Room Wine Café & Lounge is the perfect spot for a quiet night out, and, alternatively, Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino and Lone Butte Casino offer a different type of fun.