At home in Superstition Foothills with Captain the Dog

Jim (Captain the Dog's Dad) spent the better part of 20 years traveling the country in an RV. Living as, some may say, a nomad. Throughout it all, he always had his eyes on one specific community: Superstition Mountain Foothills. This is a neighborhood that welcomes all, connecting you beautifully to the outdoors and all that Arizona has to offer.

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Captain the dog, your captain on this tour.

Imagine overlooking the valley as you prepare dinner.

Captain and Jim's house sits at the base of the Superstition Mountains.

Featuring the most incredibly hiking the state has to offer.

"It's all about location. That's the most important part of the house. Where it sits. The mountains. The hiking. The beauty."

The windows in Jim's house aren't your typical panes of glass looking out at a tree-lined street in some suburban neighborhood. Rather, they become works of art in and of themselves. Every window from this sprawling estate provides a motif the Southwestern painters of old could only dream of. The Superstition Mountains jetting high above the roofline and endless miles of desert providing a serene and almost overwhelming sense of calm. "This is really the prime spot," Jim shares with me, "you walk a mile and half in that direction and you see the masses of humanity going up the trails toward Siphon Draw". In the Superstition Mountain Foothills, you truly live among nature. Where others can only visit, you hang your hat, sit, and let the desert take you in. There was a day when communities this far East provided little in the way of amenities for residents. But as sprawl has brought food, shopping, and more to the area, the community still feels just as authentically Arizona as ever.

The Superstition Foothills Real Estate Market

Stunning, yet affordable homes situated among picturesque landscapes.

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2 Bedroom

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    $389K - $490K
  • Home Size (Sq.Ft.)
    1,427 - 2,136
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    $369K - $2M
  • Home Size (Sq.Ft.)
    1,234 - 4,240
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4 Bedroom

  • Price Range
    $391K - $4M
  • Home Size (Sq.Ft.)
    1,853 - 10,270
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Hand-picked investment and flip opportunities in Superstition Foothills.

The Lifestyle

Relaxing views from every window.

Undeveloped and calm landscapes.

A local watering hole, The Handlebar.

"I have all I need out here. A place I can just lay low."

I asked Jim to describe this community in one word. He paused, struggled, then shared a perfect encapsulation of what I had already been feeling. "It's... peaceful. You don't hear the road noise. Not neighbors. Not dogs. You just hear the desert around you. At night, you can just stare up at the stars, no sign of humanity. Just the mountain." This sense of calm is what brings most residents to this area. The ability to quickly get into Mesa or other surrounding cities for work, then return home to your own private paradise. As Jim talks he jumps quickly from sharing one story to another, often reflecting on the brilliance of the night sky, "when we had that last big moon, the Blood Moon, wow... it was beautiful!" He sells these streets better than any real estate agent ever could.

The Schools

Desert Vista Elementary provides exceptional education for your little ones.

Apache Junction High School boasts a higher than state average graduation rate.

High-performing public schools and universities close by.

Served by the Apache Junction School District, residents of Superstition Foothills enjoy access to Desert Vista Elementary for the youngest ones, Cactus Canyon Middle School for junior high, and Apache Junction High School. With college admission and graduation rates excelling above the state average and a specific focus on student STEM success rates, this is a perfect community for students of all ages to call home. Additionally, most residents choose to send their children to Arizona State University, post high school graduation. Rated the #1 university in innovation nationwide, ASU has taken on a new light in the past decade, becoming a true excelling force on the world stage.

The Work

Empty roads means easy commutes into town.

Picturesque living without the hassle of traffic.

A quiet lifestyle paired with quick commutes.

Contrary to popular belief, these streets are not just for homebodies or retired couples. Superstition Foothills represents the perfect melting pot of Arizona family types. From the working class, to families with kids, to those just looking to be closer to nature, there is a home for everyone in this community.

As such, work here varies widely and wildly. However, if we had to paint a picture of the most quintessential Foothills work type, the answer lies in Mesa. Mesa, Arizona is a melting pot of communities, businesses, restaurants, entertainment hubs, and more. As such, a majority of working residents here are employed within Mesa. The communities proximity from urbanization means, even during rush hour, commutes are a breeze. Thereby granting residents access into town generally in under 20 minutes or less. This unique setup provides the perfect pairing of calm living and manageable commutes.

The Play

Goldfield Ghost Town provides kid-friendly, authentic Arizona entertainment.

Tortilla Flats, nestled in the mountains near Canyon Lake.

Siphon Draw is one of the most beautiful hikes in all of Arizona.

Canyon Lake is a beautiful hot-spot of water-sports and more.

For those who love the outdoors.

It's simple. If you choose to live in the Superstition Foothills, you're here because you love the outdoors. Whether from afar, sitting on your balcony and taking it all in. Or up close and personal, experiencing a desert trail on your bike or horse. This area is for those who appreciate all that Arizona has to offer. As Jim says, "I just walk out the back door and I've got a trail that can take me to it all. Waterfalls. Petroglyphs. It's incredible." That's really what this area is all about. Taking the kayak to Canyon Lake for the morning. Taking the kids up Siphon Draw in the afternoon. And relaxing at a local watering hole for the evening. Located on the edge of the Tonto National Forest, there is something for everyone here. A Mecca of hiking, biking, four-wheeling, horseback riding, kayaking, boating, and more.

Additionally, it offers a wide array of authentic Arizona experiences, including Goldfield Ghost Town and Tortilla Flat.