At home in The Boardwalk with The Reed Family

Adam and Shelly Reed lived in Massachusetts, Indiana, and Alabama, before coming to Arizona. They are consistently impressed with the cleanliness of their community, the sense of safety in these streets, and the friendliness of those they’re honored to call neighbors. They say it best: “It’s just beautiful. We feel privileged and blessed to live here.”

The Reed Family absolute adore their home in The Boardwalk.

Tastefully and beautifully decorated, inside and out.

Nothing beats family play time.

Family-friendly, safe, and incredibly manicured curb appeal.

“It feels like when you watch old movies from the 50’s and the kids are playing out in the street.”

Adam, a pastor, and Shelly, a clinical psychologist, are a picture of the American Dream. They and their three beautiful children live together in this beautiful Boardwalk home. In the beginning, the driving force behind relocating to this neighborhood was simply proximity. Being within a quarter-mile of their church opened up endless possibilities, in terms of saving time and convenience. But after settling in, it became so much more. One of the things that caught the Reed family most off guard? The cleanliness. “We’ve lived in Boston, Indiana, Alabama. But if you drive into our neighborhood, it’s really pristine and well kept. People take a lot of pride in taking care of their property.” Pride of ownership is a powerful thing, especially in a family-first community.

The Reeds could dote all day about two things: the kids and their community. Take a stroll through Boardwalk below. Who knows, they might just talk you into moving here too.

The Lifestyle

Serene water features and parks intertwined everywhere.

Family-friendly and well-maintained neighborhood streets.

The locals will tell you to grab a bite at Sushi and Cocktails.

“It’s just beautiful. We feel privileged and blessed to live here.”

The Boardwalk offers a truly relaxing, family-centric living experience unlike any other. Driving through these neighborhoods, you’re overcome with the intense feeling of nostalgia for times long lost, like when Mom would yell out the window that it was time to come in for dinner. The Boardwalk has maintained, yet modernized, that wholesome family experience, and it’s beautiful. The area features endless parks, lakes, and golf courses on nearly every corner, making it a perfect location to soak in the Arizona sunshine. Or, on days you’d prefer to avoid it, you can seek refuge at local-favorite establishments like Coffee Rush or Sushi and Cocktails.

Residents love walking the neighborhood greenbelts, not just for the activities but for the opportunities to socialize they offer. They’re something of a neighborhood “water cooler”, allowing parents and children an active and fun way to connect with each other.

The Schools

St. Mary-Basha Catholic School students gather around.

Basha High School is well-known for it's sports programs.

CUSD features cross-spectrum, award-winning education options.

The Chandler Unified School District prides itself on its freedom of choice and custom-tailored education programs. Options for parents and students include gifted-child programs, core-knowledge programs, single-gender classrooms, and more traditional academy approaches. Chandler Unified School District outperforms peers, as AzMERIT results show. Chandler students scored better than the state average in every grade level and subject area for the third straight year in 2017. Further, they outperform charter school grade averages in math and language arts.

In this city, families are empowered to choose their children’s learning path, whatever it may be.

The Work

Intel's headquarters in Chandler, Arizona.

Massive operational facility housing Microchip Technology Inc.

Paypal's recently opened Chandler facility.

Wells Fargo Center, a massive complex in Chandler, AZ.

“We don’t have a very traditional work schedule, we’re very busy.”

The Boardwalk neighborhoods are centrally located within minutes of a vast array of both new and old, largely high-tech, companies that are opening up massive facilities in Chandler. In recent years, this expansion has included regional headquarters for a multitude of Fortune 500 companies, including Intel, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Verizon Wireless, PayPal, Microchip, Orbital, and General Motors, just to scratch the surface. Job growth in the area has been exploding for years on end now, bringing a constant stream of executives, managers, engineers, and more to the area.

This explosion of commerce in the region, coupled with a highly educated and incredible hardworking base of residents, has lead to Chandler having the lowest unemployment rate in all of Arizona, at just 3.5%.

The Play

SanTan Brewing Octoberfest is an annual spectacle.

The Harvest Festival is fun for the whole family.

Play a relaxing round of golf at San Marcos.

The Chandler BBQ attracts visitors statewide.

“Our only complaint: open the pool earlier!”

Living within the boundaries of the Boardwalk affords residents unparalleled access to Downtown Chandler and all of its amenities. Just around the corner from your house, you’ll find year-round community festivities like SanTan Brewing Co’s Octoberfest, The Arizona Harvest Festival, and the annual Chandler BBQ. All these events are known to attract families far and wide, but their venues will be open to you on a whim. Additionally, with The Boardwalk at Andersen Springs and Chandler Fashion Center Mall are both within minutes away, meaning residents here have a plethora of shopping, dining, and relaxation spots to choose from.

Still, perhaps the most important of the playtime amenities here are those that allow for family time. As Adam told us, “We have the whole greenbelt that wraps in the middle of our neighborhood, so a couple times a week we’ll go take a walk along it. It’s almost like a gathering place for our community. Connecting the various parks beautifully. Leading you to parks, swing sets, slides, and even a public pool.”