At home in The Islands with The Gittus Family

“We like Gilbert because it’s a family town, but it also offers nightlife entertainment. It has the parks, sports fields, and everything a family could ever want, but it’s also very easy to just hop on the bikes and ride to downtown Gilbert where we can eat and drink without ever driving.”

Glenn and Terri enjoying their backyard.

Calming, relaxing, and family-friendly communities.

“We love that we can spend more time with the kids and grandkids.”

The kids may be grown up and moved out, but the grandkids still need room to play. Glenn and Terri Gittus had a growing list of needs, their first time downsizing. “We went from 5,300 square feet to about 2,900. We wanted to stay in the southeast Valley, as there are a lot of amenities we enjoy. We like the slightly older architecture.” After touring their new home at The Islands, they instantly fell in love. “The mature, large trees, the HOA is great. It’s a nice older neighborhood that’s been really well taken care of. The town of Gilbert is the next up-and-coming Valley community. It’s small but growing rapidly. And I think they’re doing it right. They’re doing some good planning and putting some thought into how they’re growing.”

Glenn comes from a background in real estate development, so urban planning was important to him. He wanted to live in a home where he knew, comfortably, that city officials around him were ensuring the future of the area and the resident’s needs. Truth is, no one in Arizona does this better than Gilbert.

The Lifestyle

Built specifically to encourage active lifestyles and relaxation.

“The mature, large trees, the HOA is great. It’s a nice, older neighborhood.”

The Islands was one of the first ever master-planned communities developed within Gilbert, Arizona. When it was first built, desert surrounded and the nearest grocery store was miles away. My how things have changed. Today, most people are attracted to The Islands because of the lakes, the convenient everyday hotspots, and the overall safe and secure family environment. Today, The Islands sits within one of the busiest areas if all of Gilbert. That’s not to say it isn’t quant and quiet, this community is designed to offer tranquil privacy. However, this uproar in growth does offer much more accessible amenities than in years past. Additionally, every aspect of this community promotes an active, family-oriented lifestyle. The neighborhood features over 80-acres of lakes (many of the properties here are lakefront homes, most of which feature access to boat docks).

The Schools

Public art display at Islands Elementary School.

Students at Mesquite High School (one block from The Islands).

The Gilbert Classical Academy High School baseball team.

Over 100 years of public academic excellence.

The Islands area is part of the Gilbert Public School District. For over 100 years, GPSD has offered academic distinction that has set them apart from others. They’ve achieved a record number of awards, recognitions, and accomplishments, including an A+ rating from the Arizona Department of Education. They employ over 50 nationally board-certified educators. A record 37% of their teachers hold masters degrees in their field and have an average tenure of nearly 15 years. They take pride in honing in on student interests with varying curricular focuses, including agricultural science, automative, business, culinary, STEM, fine art, journalism, JROTC, and more.

Furthermore, the area offers a large number of private and charter school options, should you decide to go that route.

The Work

Gilbert is rapidly expanding it's science and technology leadership in Arizona.

Easy weekday commute. Relaxing weekend amenities.

The Islands offer residents uniquely convenient access to major commerce hubs throughout the valley. The community’s proximity to major freeways makes working in Downtown Phoenix or the Biltmore area largely painless. Closer to home, cities such as Chandler, Gilbert, and Tempe are seeing explosive growth in their job markets, bringing even more opportunity to residents here.

The median household income is north of $100,000 annually, with homeowners most commonly working in he fields of healthcare, finance, or education.

The Play

Postino is an upscale wine bar, and a favorite of the locals.

The downtown district offers tons of shopping and eating spots.

Eat, dance, and drink at Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row.

Year-round community events, farmers markets, and more.

A community hyper-targeted towards active family living.

The Islands feature a number of man-made lakes, which make the community the perfect for those who dabble in waterspouts. Many of the lakes are built specifically for particular water sports, like wake boarding, water-skiing, and jet-skiing. Residents can also obtain catch-and-release fishing permits for a small annual fee. As such, living within these communities, specifically Playa Del Rey and Crystal Point Estates, provides residents with an installed level of fun at all times. Your backyard is host to your hobby. That’s a lifestyle unmatched.

When it comes time to stretch your sea legs and take in a night “on the town,” most resident’s here choose to venture to Old Town Gilbert, where the locals enjoy dinner and drinks with family and friends at the newly constructed Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row. Or, if you prefer to stay closer to home, the area features a wide array of amenities, including 30 acres of grassy courts and parks, basketball courts, sand volleyball, bocce ball courts, children’s playgrounds, full-size exercise tracks, not to mention plenty of shaded ramada’s with picnic tables and grills.